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The Course


Local Rules


  1. Out of bounds – over any boundary fences to the right of 1st, 3rd, 4th and 9th fairways.

  2. Power Transmission structures - If a ball strikes a line, pole or stay, the player may optionally retake the stroke (Rule 20-5) or continue and play subsequent shot as it lies (Rule 13). Both options without penalty. On selecting either option, that immediately becomes the ball in play.

  3. Fixed immovable (artificial) obstructions include poles on the 2nd and 6th holes and road with associated drainage ditch crossing 6th and 9th fairways (within marker poles only). Free relief (Rule 24-2) applies.

  4. Ditches crossing 2nd, 3rd, 5th holes and burns crossing 6th and 9th are water hazards (Rule 26-1 applies).

  5. Lateral ditches on 4th and 6th holes are water hazards (Rule 26-1 applies).

  6. Areas where rocks are protruding on fairways affecting any aspect of intended stroke are considered abnormal ground conditions and relief may be taken (Rule 25-2 applies).

Score Card

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